Age of Exploration and Dutch New York

Artist: Unidentified Artist
Title: Proposed Coat of Arms for New Amsterdam, New Netherland: Preparatory Drawing for a Presentation to the Dutch West India Company
Medium: Black ink and wash, watercolor, red and black chalk, and red gouache, with contours incised by a stylus on laid on paper, mounted on card

Many of the New-York Historical Society's founders and nineteenth-century members had deep roots in New York; a significant number of them descended from families who immigrated in the seventeenth century. These early members were also deeply committed to exploration, and as such, they collected and donated to New-York Historical many artifacts that help tell the story of the Age of Exploration, and its trajectory, which led to the Dutch founding and settling of New Amsterdam.
Most of the objects illustrated here are rarely-seen, early treasures from New-York Historical's collections, including its 1542 Ulpius globe, which documents Verrazano's North American discoveries; an exceptional early-eighteenth century hand-painted Indian wall hanging; seventeenth-century maps and renderings of New Amsterdam and New York; and the only known portrait of Peter Stuyvesant painted during his lifetime.

Creative: Tronvig Group